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Take your SoftCart Store to the next level with Store Clerk!
Main/Sub Categories
Efficient Layout
Smart search results including thumbnails
Budget Search
Product Sorting!!!
and much much more!!!
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Add e-commerce capability to your existing site while preserving your current design.
A convenient, fast, and reliable solution from OlmNet

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Custom SoftCart Templates
For custom design of templates and site development using SofCart contact OlmNet at olmnet@olmnet.com or call us at 212-265-4288

New from OlmNet

OlmNet Store Clerk™
Superb Navigation
Automatic Updates
Advanced Search Function
Works great with SoftCart

OlmNet Order Manager™
Live Order Database
Secure Maintenance through the Web
Universal Format
Custom Reports and Invoices


Products & Services

Complete, efficient, and well organized e-commerce solutions, tailored to each internet merchant's specific needs.
Attractive, versatile user friendly storefronts to meet the expectations of all internet customers.

SoftCart Resources
Enhanced SoftCart™ Templates for use with Mercantec's Store Manager™ featuring versatile menus and navigation, superb well organized layouts, and quick downloads.
Category Menus in every page within the store.
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Store Clerk
An exciting add on to Mercantec's SoftCart to accommodate complex store structures such as main and sub categories with clear menus and submenus.
Pages with multiple products are presented in columns to minimize scrolling.
Smart Search results include thumbnails and any other relevant information desired.
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OlmNet Order Manager
The ultimate order management system for SoftCart stores.
Order Manager will record all orders in universal database format.
All records are maintained through secure log-in with the capability to generate invoices, packing slips, labels, and other custom reports and queries.
It can also be configured to handle and record actions by multiple processors and/or order fulfillment centers each with a unique user id.
A great tool to integrate your SoftCart store into your accounting system.

Web Development
Our goal is to present content through an efficient structure which is consistent throughout the entire site, easy to navigate through, clear, and versatile enough to give the visitor the capability to reach the desired information or content with the minimum amount of "clicking". We also concentrate on the efficient design and use of high quality speed optimized graphics and the extensive use of HTML's design capabilities to create appealing layouts and superior presentations, while at the same time minimizing download times.

For more information and custom designs contact olmnet@olmnet.com or call 212-265-4288
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